Manage Risk and Compliance

Achieve efficient compliance.

Pitney Bowes offers many opportunities to help with your compliance efforts.

See customers and transactions as they really are.


Manage risk.

Identify vulnerabilities and optimize underwriting.

Achieve better outcomes.

Detect, identify and visualize complex, obscure relationships via advanced entity resolution capabilities.

Enable more precise data.

Enhance insight and manage risk with accurate and precise datasets. Plus, limit exposure to a variety of risks.

Increase agility.

Respond quickly to new regulations. Achieve more with your existing platforms, systems and processes.



Software solutions to mitigate risk, define coverage areas and personalize customer interactions.


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Financial Crimes and Compliance Solutions

Reduce false positives by improving data quality through entity resolution


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General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR)

Ensure your company data is valid, accurate and up-to-date.


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Risk Data Suite

Our extensive peril datasets support mission-critical insurance analysis.


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Financial services datasets

Our precise data enhanced insight and planning.


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