Financial Services

Software and data solutions to accelerate profitable growth, optimize regulatory compliance and turn customer experience into a lasting competitive advantage.

When you know your customers better, you strengthen your customer lifecycle.

Pitney Bowes makes it easy to accurately identify every customer and provide clear context around their environment, relationships and behaviors.

Customer Experience

Connect customer data to identify relationships and uncover opportunities to engage with your customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce false positives by improving data quality through entity resolution.

Branch Transformation

Make informed decisions with site selection and property investments.






Business Agility starts with a Single Customer View

Pitney Bowes delivers the single view of the customer that works. Now you can quickly connect customer data across every aspect of your organization. You’ll gain a flexible, 360-degree view that can help you identify relationships, uncover opportunities and engage your customers in meaningful ways.

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Financial Crimes and Compliance

The cost of anti-money laundering (AML) non-compliance is so severe that no one can afford to fail.  Pitney Bowes provides the confidence you need to comply with ever-changing regulations across KYC, transactions monitoring and screening. Pitney Bowes let’s you comply with confidence

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Pitney Bowes Entity Resolution for Financial Crimes and Compliance helps you fight money laundering. Watch video.

New Pitney Bowes Screening Solution Improves Compliance and Reduces False-Positive Results for Financial Service Clients. Read more.

Trying to improve AML compliance? Avoid these 3 common mistakes. Read more.



Applied Analytics & Marketing Services

Gain deeper insights, create winning strategies and share knowledge enterprise-wide.  Get clear answers to questions about customers, sites, markets and competitors. Analyze branch network intelligence against the actual performance of other bank branches, and allocate sales goals equitably and efficiently.

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Rexall case study

Branch Transformation: Knocking the Brick off the Mortar.  For an in-depth analysis of the trends and technologies that are reshaping the role of the branch, read the Aite Group Report to learn more.

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Financial Services Data Sets

With Pitney Bowes Financial Services data, you can gain the insight you need to choose the most profitable branch locations, predict demand and target marketing programs to make the biggest impact.  Optimize branch networks, define market segments, manage risks and more.



Success Stories

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New England bank transforms their customer experience

After deploying Pitney Bowes Single Customer View, the bank’s customer data accuracy rate exceeded 96% — up from 45-50% at the beginning of the project.

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Global Financial Services firm boosts AML compliance using knowledge graphs

This Global Financial Services firm used algorithm-based analysis to establish and augment data management to help investigators identify potentially problematic internal transactions.

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U.S. Retail bank minimizes AML compliance risks while improving investigator efficiency

58% fewer false positives coming out of screening systems with a maximum of one alert per individual per day requiring investigation.

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Large global bank solves serious data-quality problems to ensure AML compliance

Pitney Bowes Spectrum? Entity Resolution reduced false positives and “noise” in transaction monitoring, enabling the bank to better target its investigative resources.